Diego Quesada

Professional Tourist Guide

He has been a certified naturalist and birdwatching guide since 2002, with experience guiding tourists of all ages and nationalities throughout Costa Rica. He has recently expanded his tours to other Latin American countries and to the United States. Diego is passionate about bird photography and communing with nature. In his spare time he also enjoys music and playing guitar. Diego is actively involved in organizing annual bird counts and working on conservation and research projects concerning Costa Rican birdlife.

William Vega


William Vega is a professional in law, specialized in human rights. He is also a naturalist and wildlife buff.

Andrew Guttenberg


He is a wildlife illustrator, and has been focusing specifically on birds for the last 17 years. He works mostly with gouache and colored pencil from his home in Montana, USA, where the mountains, prairie, and vibrant bird life inspire his work. Andrew has a passion for the natural and cultural treasures of Latin America, and has spent significant time exploring and observing Costa Rica and Brazil in recent years.

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